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Which organ is in the most immediate danger of being harmed by a low carbohydrate diet


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The organ that would be in the most immediate danger of being harmed by a low carbohydrate diet is: The kidney's.

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Answer from: xxaurorabluexx
The kidneys would most likely be in danger
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Answer from: tfornwalt4390

the answer is kidney. i took the quiz and it came back correct on the online course. hope this helps you

Answer from: hrijaymadathil

The organ that is in the most immediate danger of being harmed by a low-carbohydrate diet is the D: Kidneys.

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Answer from: emily10898
Answer - kidneys.

Low-carbohydrate diets are dietetic programs that curtails the carbohydrate consumption of an individual. Foods rich in carbohydrates are constricted or replaced with foods having a greater proportion of fats and moderate protein and different foods low in carbohydrates
Answer from: Ghhkgu5120
D the kidneys are most likely to be harmed
Answer from: mantooth
D. is your answer :)
Answer from: kenzielema12
Kidney is your answer :)
Answer from: puppycity78
Kidneys are in the most danger of being harmed by a low carbohydrate diet.

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Which organ is in the most immediate danger of being harmed by a low carbohydrate diet...

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